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A New Partnership with SimPal

  Bounce Back Exercise is delighted to announce a new partnership with SimPal – an incredible charity that provides FREE SIM cards to those living with cancer.   As the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stay home, many of us had a glimpse of what social isolation might feel like. We were grateful to be […]

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Welcome to the Bounce Back Exercise Summer Newsletter!

  Here you will find a quick roundup of our progress and a summary of recent research surrounding our founding concept: ‘exercise is a medicine’. The past months have been, to say the least, pretty wacky! But Bounce Back has worked hard to adapt and bring exercise sessions to the comfort of your home by releasing […]

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An appearance in Herts Live News

  Herts Live launched a campaign called #IAmOpen to highlight and support local businesses as they slowly open back up.  Bounce Back Exercise are delighted to feature as part of this campaign.     Click here to read the article   […]

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Bounce Back from Muscle Weakness

  Persistent muscle weakness can be caused by a variety of different factors including a lack of exercise or lack of sleep, health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer and side effects of certain treatments including hormone therapy and chemotherapy. Muscle weakness can be incredibly debilitating and lead to a significantly reduced quality of […]

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Bounce Back from Fatigue

  Symptoms of fatigue includes tiredness, exhaustion and a constant lack of energy. Fatigue can be a direct result of a disease such as cancer, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis or it can be a side effect of different treatments. It can be caused by lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of sleep and lack of […]

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Welcome to Bounce Back Exercise

  I started Bounce Back Exercise after noticing that people with Cancer, Parkinson’s and MS are far too often neglected by the fitness industry. I aim to create more opportunities for people to come together and experience the benefits of exercise no matter their age, fitness, health or ability.    My goals for Bounce Back Exercise:   Create […]

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Five Tips for Exercise Motivation

  Think about the 15 minutes before you start your workout … Those crucial 15 minutes where you make the decision to get changed into your gym clothes or instead choose to sit down, relax and watch the next episode on Netflix. So often we find ourselves choosing the latter. But why is that? Why […]

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