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"Group exercise can provide support as well as structure to an activity programme” - British Medical Journal

"Group exercise can provide support as well as structure to an activity programme” - British Medical Journal

Online Exercise Community


An inclusive online exercise community for anyone who has been diagnosed with a long-term health condition.  


Cancer – Parkinson’s – multiple sclerosis 


Bounce Back Exercise provides live and on demand exercise classes that have been designed to help people with long term health conditions experience the benefits of exercise.


“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”

Join Beth every week or schedule saved workouts to fit around your day.


From Balance and Gait Training to Strength and Cardio, the Bounce Back Exercise programme provides a well-rounded timetable of classes to improve your strength, fitness and mobility as well as manage your disease symptoms and side effects.



Online Group Classes

(These classes involve standing exercises and require you to move about unaided)

Functional Fitness (Mon 12:00-12:45) 
Focuses on the seven functional movements (push, pull, squat, hinge, rotate, lunge, gait) to improve your strength when performing activities in day-to-day life such as climbing stairs, sitting to standing and pushing doors open. 
Bounce Back Class – Mobility and Stability (Tues 8:00- 8:30) 
Our Bounce Back Class is specifically designed to target areas of weakness caused by common disease symptoms and side effects such as balance problems, footdrop, limited mobility, weakness on one side, joint instability and lack of coordination. 
Core Control and Stretch (Thurs 10:00-10:30) 
Our Core Control and stretch class involves exercises to specifically target the abdomen as well as flexibility and balance. It is important to bear in mind that our abdominal muscles are like any other muscle. They need to be worked but they also, they need to rest and relax. The workout involves movements that require you to get down onto the floor. 
  • Strong and Balanced (Fri 12:00-12:45) 
    Our Strong and Balanced class involves performing isolated exercises, unilateral exercises and low impact exercises to effectively promote hypertrophy (an increase in muscle size). This style of training can be most beneficial in improving strength, improving bone density, helping people manage energy levels and helps isolate and correct muscle imbalances.


(These classes take place seated)

  • Seated Strength and Balance (Friday 11:00 – 11:30)
    A seated, online, exercise class designed to improve upper and lower body strength, improve balance, mobility, core stability and overall fitness.
    This class is funded by the West Herts MS Society 

Other Classes


Educational sessions covering different topics e.g. teaching you how to perform certain exercises with good control and technique, improving motivation and coping with fatigue. 

Group Socials 
Every two-three months we will have a group coffee catch up, Q&A session with an occasional guest speaker. This will be a chance for people to come along to discuss a certain topic relating to exercise or simply have a chat. 


All classes are recorded and available to watch on demand in our members area.



Class membership: £28 a month

  • Specialised exercise classes that address common disease symptoms and side effects including balance, fatigue and muscle weakness
  • 6 exercise classes a week, live and on demand
  • Monthly exercise challenges 
  • Group socials and friendly WhatsApp support group 
  • Quarterly workshops and educational sessions 

Pay as you go – £7 per session for a 45-minute class/ £5 per session for a 30-minute class



Cancer Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson’s disease

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