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Inspiring Stories – Peter

20th November 2020


Peter joined Bounce Back in May 2020 when he started following the ‘BBE YouTube videos’ and attending weekly one-to-one sessions. He has been incredibly committed and always turns up to his sessions with enthusiasm and leaves knowing he has tried his best. Like many people who are on hormone therapy, Peter experiences muscle loss and tiredness. His sessions include resistance (strengthening) exercises designed to combat these side effects. He continues to make excellent progress with his strength. It is a pleasure to work with Peter and his commitment and dedication to Bounce Back Exercise are second to none.


Bounce Back and Me

In 2017 I had been diagnosed with cancer which I was initially told was not aggressive and had not spread outside my prostate. It was thought that a prostatectomy would solve the problem.  Sadly, this proved not to be the case. The cancer was found to be aggressive and it had spread. Thus, I embarked on 2 years of hormone therapy and had a course of radiotherapy. I hope to hear in 2021 that I am in remission.

Men and women on hormone therapy are recommended to take part in cancer specific exercise programmes to help reduce certain side effects including muscle weakness, fatigue, weight gain and the loss of bone density.

When I found Bounce Back and Beth on the internet, I got in touch straight away and told her that I liked the videos she was then producing. Well I loved the videos, especially those starring Nelly the dog and/or members of her family. 

In June, I started having weekly one on one sessions on Zoom and these have continued ever since, apart from a gap of a few weeks when I was recovering from a urological procedure. I feel proud to be a client of Bounce Back Exercise.


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