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Five Tips for Exercise Motivation

21st May 2020


Think about the 15 minutes before you start your workout … Those crucial 15 minutes
where you make the decision to get changed into your gym clothes or instead choose to sit down, relax and watch the next episode on Netflix. So often we find ourselves choosing the latter. But why is that? Why do so many of us push our exercise to the side? Why doesn’t everyone enjoy exercising and why is it not a priority?

Below are five tips to help you to stay motivated with your exercise and remove the doubt during those important pre-workout 15 minutes.

  1. Start small

If you are struggling to motivate yourself to exercise there is no point planning a full 60-minute session. It simply won’t be done. Instead, start small, dedicate just 5-10 minutes to exercise. Once you start, you might surprise yourself and carry on.

Try this free 10-minute Bounce Back Exercise warm up to get you moving.

  1. Choose something you enjoy

Feeling uninspired? This is the time to bring out your favourite exercise. Be creative and make sure you are having fun while exercising. Write a list of your favourite workouts or forms of exercise and choose from here. The best form of exercise is the one you enjoy.

Get in touch to find out more about receiving support finding the workout you enjoy.

  1. Create a Playlist

Some upbeat, fun music can always get you excited for a workout. Some pump me up song suggestions: Eye of the Tiger (Survivor), Lose Yourself (Eminem), You Make My Dreams Come True (Hall & Oats).

  1. Exercise with someone

Having someone to commit to makes a huge difference. Whether it is a friend, family member or trainer, ask them to check you are doing your exercise. That accountability can motivate you to stick to your exercise plan. The online Bounce Back Programme creates an inclusive exercise environment for you to exercise in a group setting whilst in the comfort of your home.

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  1. Wash your hair only on days you workout

This is my favourite one. I will only wash my hair after I have done some exercise. If ever you see my hair looking a bit greasy, now you know why. This interesting routine actually helps create positive exercise habits, so the workout becomes less something you think about and more something you just do.



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