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Exercise support for people with Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

I started Bounce Back to help more people facing the challenges of cancer and neurological disease experience the benefits of exercise.

“Exercise, if done correctly, has been shown to help delay disease progression and effectively manage symptoms and side effects *”

With exercise there is no one size fits all and my bespoke exercise programmes help you find the workout that:

  • suits your physical and clinical needs
  • helps achieve your goals
  • and most importantly….you enjoy!

Take that first step. Contact Bounce Back today!

Beth Boxall, MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (Loughborough University)

*Exercise as Medicine – Evidence for Prescribing Exercise as Therapy in 26 Different Chronic Diseases – Pedersen & Saltin, 2015

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    “Exercise is medicine”

    American College of sports medicine 

    Exercise can help people manage symptoms and treatment-related side effects of a clinical diagnosis.

    Cancer Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson’s disease

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