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Welcome to the Bounce Back Exercise Autumn Newsletter!

12th October 2020


Dear Bouncers,

I would like to say a huge well done to everyone who has been keeping up with their exercise over the past couple of months. It has not been an easy time for many of us and your commitment and dedication to your training sessions and exercise programmes has been fantastic.


Your stories can inspire others.


Have you experienced the benefits of exercise? Have you found this time particularly challenging? Has exercise helped you through lockdown?

If you would be happy to send feedback or be a part of my campaign ‘inspiring stories’ please get in touch with I hope to share more stories about how exercise has helped you.

I would love to hear from you. Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Click here to take part in online feedback:
    Google feedback (in the box on the right hand side)
    Facebook feedback
  2. Send in a photo of you doing exercise
  3. Send in a story – e.g. how exercise has helped you, the challenges of staying motivated.

Please send any photos or stories to
I would be really grateful for any feedback or contributions.

In this addition: 


  1. Find out about our latest Bounce Back news.
  2. Get in touch to purchase a Bounce Back T-shirt.
  3. Discover the secrets behind sleep optimisation with Mojo Health.
  4. Support our new partner, SimPal.
  5. Visit the research corner – ‘Exercise is medicine’.

With very best wishes,




Latest News at Bounce Back 


Group exercise classes

We have three new group classes taking place at Fit Well.

  • Bounce Back to Exercise – Monday’s at 12:00

An exercise class suitable for anyone looking to bounce back from a period of inactivity, injury or a clinical diagnosis. This class includes seated options.

  • Functional Fitness – Monday’s at 1:30 

Sessions involve a combination of low impact strength & cardiovascular exercises. (Beginners to intermediates)

  • HIIT IT! – coming soon… 

A fun high intensity interval workout to music. Great for improving fitness and toning muscles. (Advanced)

Options to join online or face to face. 

Get in touch with to find out more.


Bounce Back at Fit Well 

It is our third month of running sessions at Fit Well. Thank you so much to Laura and the team at Fit Well for creating such a friendly and welcoming community.

Visit to discover more happening at Fit Well at The Green Space.


Bounce Back T-Shirts  

A few of you have requested ‘Bounce Back T-shirts’, similar to the designs here. I will be putting in an order for T-shirts at the end of the month. T-Shirts will cost between £12-18 (dependent on interest). Please email if you are interested in purchasing a Bounce Back T-shirt (more colours available).



 Discover the secrets behind sleep 


Sleep isn’t just a pilar of health…it is the foundation! So if you would like to improve not only the duration of your sleep but more importantly the quality, then Mojo Health is planning an interactive ‘Sleep Optimisation’ workshop that can be attended either in person (in limited numbers) but also remotely online. Please contact Stuart to learn more and register your interest, the cost will be just £19.50.


M: 07968360503


A partnership with Sim Pal 


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with SimPal.

SimPal is a unique charity that aims to beat cancer loneliness, isolation and digital disconnection by providing people with FREE pre-paid SIM cards and mobile phones. This means people with cancer will have one less thing to worry about on top of their diagnosis.

SimPal relies on phone donations to continue its incredible life changing work. Find out more about SimPal’s work and why not donate your old phone today!



“Exercise is Medicine” – Research Zone


Resistance Exercise Dosage in Men with Prostate Cancer 

Resistance training helps men with prostate cancer manage many of the adverse effects caused by treatment. Low volume training is a style of resistance (strength) training that integrates fewer exercise repetitions with heavier resistance (weights). Research has shown that a lower volume at a moderate to-high-intensity exercise programme can be just as effective as a higher volume resistance training in enhancing body composition, functional capacity and muscle strength in the short term.


Current Perspectives on Aerobic Exercise in People with Parkinson’s Disease

Aerobic exercise (cardiovascular) such as walking, running, cycling and swimming has been found to have various health benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease. This includes improved physical fitness, reduced motor symptoms as well as reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease, lower mortality, improved bone health and improved health related quality of life. Improvements appear to be greater after training at higher intensities.


Examining the impact of exercise and sedentary behaviour on brain structure and cognitive functioning in older adults with multiple sclerosis 

Exercise protects against the negative effects of aging in people with MS and provides a protective effect against age-related cognitive decline. Hours sitting per day was shown to add to the negative effects of aging on structural networks.


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