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Top tips for staying healthy at Christmas

21st December 2020


As Christmas approaches, many of us may have found our healthy habits to be slipping. The new lockdown rules and change to the ‘Christmas bubbles’ has left us all feeling a bit deflated. Exercise motivation can be a struggle and the temptation to overindulge in food and drink may have increased. 

Here are a few top tips to help you stay healthy during the festive period:


Get outside ❄️

With the new tier 3 and 4 restrictions in place, gyms have closed and exercise classes have stopped. The solution? Get outdoors. It may be cold and dark, however it is time to embrace the great outdoors. Research reveals that outdoor cardiovascular exercise is a great mood booster, improves energy levels and is also great for improving circulation. This festive season, why not try and challenge yourself to a daily 30 minute walk to encourage those endorphins kick in. 


Exercise during ad breaks 🎅🏻

Exercise snacking or short bouts of exercise can sometimes be just as beneficial as a longer workout. To reduce inactivity, you could have a go at some short 7 minute Bounce Back Exercise videos. Or even practice a few exercises such as sit to stands, squats, marching or press ups during the advert breaks of your favourite Christmas films. 


Prioritise the workout ☃️

Even in December, it is important to remember how important your health is. Make your workout a priority. Doing your workout in the morning means you don’t have the risk of avoiding the workout, putting it off later. Book it in your diary and do it. It doesn’t have to be long, but you will always be happy you did it.


Exercise at home 🎄

Have a go with a home exercise routine. This is one with no equipment that you can do anywhere, anytime and for as long or short as you would like. Subscribe the Bounce Back Exercise Youtube channel for free home workout videos. 


Drink more water 💦

Drinking more water will not only help satiate your appetite but will also help keep you hydrated and prevent the hangovers. Plus it will keep your hair and skin looking healthy.


Most importantly, enjoy yourself! 🎉

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