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BB Tips for setting exercise goals

3rd January 2021


Welcome to 2021! 

There is no better time to set goals than the start of the year. Below are a few Bounce Back tips to consider when setting your exercise and health related goals. 


Bounce Back tip #1

When setting goals, it is important to consider your reasons behind the goals. It is these reasons that will inspire you to keep going when times are tough. Make a note of why being active is important to you. What will make that workout worthwhile? Put this note in a safe place, maybe even frame it! Return to your note when you are feeling low on motivation.


Bounce Back tip #2 

Break your goals down into different time frames. A goal that you would like to achieve in a years time, may be a fantastic goal however it is also one that can easily be forgotten. To improve motivation and focus, we suggest breaking your goals into three periods of time:

  1. Short term (1 month time)
  2. Medium term (3 months time)
  3. Long term (between 6-12 months time) 


Bounce Back tip #3

Make sure your goals are measurable. Have a think about how you can record your progress and what it is that you would like to achieve. Are there any specific targets that you would like to achieve such as walking a 5K, improving your lower body strength by performing more ‘sit to stands’ in 1 minute or hitting your 10,000 step target everyday of the month?

Having something to work towards will help you shape the direction of your training and can help with motivation as you work towards your achievements. 


Bounce Back tip #4

Don’t rush things and enjoy the process. Something I often say to my clients is – “there is plenty of time to progress”. When you experience barriers such as fatigue, treatment and disease related side effects, injuries or pain, motivation is not always the only thing preventing you from reaching your goals. There are often important factors to consider and it is important to understand that progression is not necessarily always going to be linear. It is normal to experience set backs but this doesn’t mean that won’t achieve your goals. The most important thing is to make sure you are enjoying the journey to reach your goals, otherwise once you achieve them, you may find yourself giving up.

There is plenty of time to achieve your goals so take your time, listen to your body, prioritise healthy habits and enjoy the process. 


Bounce Back tip #4 

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are unsure where to start. Tell someone about your goals or ask someone if they would like to join you in achieving these.

Get in touch with for advice on achieving your exercise goals. 

Bounce Back Exercise can provide exercise support that… 

  • suits your physical and clinical needs
  • helps achieve your goals
  • and most importantly….you enjoy!



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