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1 Year of Bounce Back!

10th June 2021


1 Year… 

In April last year I set up Bounce Back Exercise to improve the provision of exercise for people with cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other long term conditions. 

Last June, I delivered my first Bounce Back session. A year on, I am still working with this client and feel so happy looking back at how far Bounce Back has come. I have supported over 50 different people through 1:1 sessions and group classes. I have been working with face to face clients locally and online ones as far away as Scotland. I am working as a freelance trainer for Move Charity and Macmillan Safe Fit. I am an ambassador for the 5K Your Way Park Run in Rickmansworth and I have met and worked with some incredibly supportive people including Laura Sandilands who owns the Fit Well Studio where I deliver my classes and Chris Lewis, founder of Sim Pal.

Although things did not go quite as originally planned and I may not be working the way I first expected, setting up in lockdown has also brought so many new opportunities.  Running online exercise sessions has allowed me to reach and work with more people than I would have possibly imagined a year ago. 

I cannot say I have enjoyed the year in lockdown but I can say that I am incredibly grateful that I have been able to reach, meet and work with so many amazing and inspiring individuals.


The goals I set one year ago:  

  1. Create an inclusive exercise community. 
  2. Show the fun side of exercise. 
  3. Help more people experience the health benefits of exercise. 

As things are opening up again, I am so excited to be going back to face to face work. I love working at the Fit Well studio and I can’t wait to provide more exercise support and group classes for people in the Croxley Green, Rickmansworth and Chorleywood area. 

I have also chosen to continue with my online 1:1 sessions and group classes as I aim to reach and support more and more people around the country. 

I am looking forward to another year creating inclusive and accessible exercise classes.  ❤️💚💛

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits” 

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