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Exercise and Me – Nick

24th January 2021


A huge well done to our member of the month: Nick! 

Nick joined Bounce Back in June 2020, training twice a week in one-to-one sessions and he has recently joined the group classes.


Despite the challenges Nick has faced including his Parkinson’s side effects, Achilles tendonitis and various knee problems, he continues to make excellent progress with his strength and fitness. His one-to-one sessions include exercises to help with movement initiation (a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease) and strengthening exercises to help combat his fatigue. When Nick first started his training, he was doing 5 press ups with his knees on the floor. He is now completing 25 full press ups! He works incredibly hard in sessions. He likes to be challenged and always leaves saying he feels energised. It is a pleasure to work with Nick and fantastic to see the progress he has made.



Bounce Back and Me

Beth is a revelation to me! She has single handedly motivated the “un-motivatable”, I find I actually enjoy the programme Beth sets Me to complete and the associated Homework!

I am a 64 Year old retiree with Parkinson’s Disease, who had historically been a very fit person, but with onset of the Corona Virus & My condition, became overly unenthusiastic about exercise & hence put on weight.

To Beth’s credit She makes the exercise fun & will also describe (in great detail if required!) the benefits of the noted exercise.

Beth is at all times very professional, whilst being compassionate & understanding the limitations of the individual (Me!).

I would readily recommend Beth as a Trainer for all conditions & the able bodied.

Thank You Beth for all your assistance (& the Videos that accompany your excellent tuition)



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