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Exercise and Me – Lucy

30th April 2021


A huge well done to our member of the month: Lucy! 

Lucy started training with me in October last year after being diagnosed aged only 23 with inflammatory arthritis in March 2020. 

Lucy is incredibly sporty and prior to her diagnosis was playing hockey and netball at regional level. Taking away the ability to exercise would be upsetting for anyone, let alone someone with such a love of sport. Despite the frustration and setbacks that Lucy experienced, her positive attitude and perseverance with her exercise during her time training with me never wavered. 

It has been fantastic working with Lucy and amazing to see her progress from simple ankle and hand exercises to full body strengthening exercises and she is now hopping, skipping and jumping to improve her power. 

I look forward to seeing Lucy get back to her sports and I am sure that with her perseverance and dedication to training, she will get there soon! 


Bounce Back and Me

Being diagnosed with arthritis was definitely a shock, and it has meant a complete change in lifestyle for me. Starting to exercise again, especially with Beth, has helped me enormously in my journey back to sport. I had lost a lot of stability, function and muscle mass since my symptoms began, and so having an expert trainer and specific tailored exercise was vital. Since starting with Beth I have improved so much in every aspect of life, both physically and mentally! She progressed the exercises at the right pace for me, and it has been both challenging and rewarding. I’m so much happier and more confident in my abilities now, having achieved more than I thought I could in this amount of time, and I couldn’t have done it without Beth!

You can read more about Lucy’s experience on her blog “Let’s Chat About Arthritis”

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