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Welcome to the Bounce Back Exercise Summer Newsletter!

6th July 2020


Here you will find a quick roundup of our progress and a summary of recent research surrounding our founding concept: ‘exercise is a medicine’.

The past months have been, to say the least, pretty wacky! But Bounce Back has worked hard to adapt and bring exercise sessions to the comfort of your home by releasing our YouTube channel and starting online exercise sessions (get in touch to find out more). Using baked beans for bicep curls and bleach bottles for squats, we have strived to keep everyone exercising during the lockdown.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Bounce Back Exercise over the past few months. From those training, to our partners, to all our followers on social media….YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

I look forward to sharing more about the exciting plans we have in store for the coming months.

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Bounce Back Exercise feature in Herts Live magazine

Last week, I had a phone call asking if we are really open. Yes, yes we are!
Herts Live introduced the #IamOpen campaign to support local businesses beginning to reopen. It was great to be a part of this campaign and share the motivation behind Bounce Back.

You can read the full article here:


One-to-one sessions are taking place online and outdoors!

Although we may not have access to the usual gym equipment, the outdoor gym proves to be a fun and practical environment and the vitamin D exposure is an added bonus.

Bounce Back Exercise aims to find the workout that works for you. Sessions can be delivered:

  • Online (via zoom)
  • In your own back garden
  • At the Fit Well Studio, Croxley Green

New clients are always welcome! Get in touch to find out more about starting your exercise programme.


Bounce Back Exercise at The Fit Well Studio

I am delighted to announce that Bounce Back Exercise has joined the ‘Fit Well Collection’. A new collaboration of seven exercise and health professionals who will working from the Fitwell Studio at The Green Space in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire.

Fit Well was founded by Laura Sandilands, a Pilates teacher who designed the fabulous exercise studio and brought this group together

Also making up the Fit Well collection are:
Mojo Health and Wellbeing –
Dance, Barre and Ballet Classes –
Physiotherapy – 
Thrive Programme Coaching –
Yoga and Meditation Classes –

Fit Well at The Green Space is shared with The Green Stores, a zero waste shop selling natural produce

Coming soon… an introduction to our Bounce Back partners. Follow Bounce Back Exercise on Twitter and Instagram to hear more. 


“Exercise is Medicine” – Research Zone


Chasing protection in Parkinson’s Disease:  Does Exercise Reduce Risk and Progression?

Research looks at the potential long-term benefits of exercise in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Exercise can lower the risk for later developing PD and slow rates of motor and non-motor symptom progression.


Exercise and lifestyle physical activity recommendations for people with multiple sclerosis throughout the disease course.

“Every patient can benefit from guidance that is tailored to her or his needs, abilities, and preferences.” Therefore, health care providers should endorse and promote the benefits of exercise for every person with MS.


Exercise medicine in cancer care. 

Patients with cancer who regularly engage in exercise are more likely to have: fewer and less severe treatment-related side effects; a lower risk of developing chronic diseases; and, in some cases, a lower relative risk of cancer recurrence and mortality.


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