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A New Partnership with SimPal

9th July 2020


Bounce Back Exercise is delighted to announce a new partnership with SimPal – an incredible charity that provides FREE SIM cards to those living with cancer.


As the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stay home, many of us had a glimpse of what social isolation might feel like. We were grateful to be able to stay connected with loved ones as well as the outside world – something several of us have taken for granted. Sadly, digital disconnection is the reality for many people including those living with cancer.


A cancer diagnosis can bring stress and uncertainty as well as loneliness and isolation. When the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis starts to strike, one of the first things people are forced to sacrifice is mobile communication.

 “For people living with cancer, mobile communication is a necessity not a luxury”

It is so important to be able to maintain connection and contact with others. Mobile communication allows people to stay in touch with their friends and family, share news and updates as well as stay connected with health care professionals and medical support networks.



SimPal is a unique charity that aims to beat cancer loneliness, isolation and digital disconnection by providing people with FREE pre-paid SIM cards and mobile phones. This means people with cancer will have one less thing to worry about on top of their diagnosis.


SimPal relies on phone donations to continue its incredible life changing work. Find out more about SimPal’s work and donate your old phone today!


We are delighted to be in partnership with SimPal and look forward to working together to ensure no one living with cancer has to feel alone.

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