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Exercise and Me – Bev

1st April 2021


A huge well done to our member of the month: Bev! 

Bev started training with me in July 2020 as part of the Safe Fit trial with Southampton University. She started with three one-to-one sessions a week and is now a Bounce Back member and regularly attends the group classes. It has been fantastic working with Bev and incredible to see her progress with her exercise and healthy lifestyle.

When Bev started with me, I was designing gentle sessions involving low impact exercises and low intensity strengthening exercises. Bev’s hard work and commitment both in and out of her sessions definitely showed because just two months later I was designing advanced sessions involving press ups, lunges, planks and star jumps in order to challenge her!

It is a pleasure to work with Bev and great to see and hear about the amazing progress she has made.


Bounce Back and Me

Hi I’m Bev I’m 57 years old with a diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukaemia. I was diagnosed 14 years ago and since then I have been on daily chemotherapy tablets.  My fitness had hit an all time low.  I was introduced to Beth through a trial program from Southampton University. At that time my mobility had become very poor and I kept tripping due to balance problems and weakness in my muscles. I was also over weight.

I have been doing a regular fitness regime with Beth for approx 7 months and began healthy eating at the same time. Since then I have lost 1.5 stone in weight and my mobility and strength have greatly improved and I no longer feel in danger of falling.

Beth has been a great motivator to me and has tailored the exercises to match my capabilities.  I now look forward to regular exercise and hope to lose another 1/2 stone and continue to build my fitness and health. This has also had a great impact on my mental health and self esteem.


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