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May Classes

Strong and Balanced – Tri Sets (28/05/21)

Core Control and Flexibility – Lower back release (27/05/21)

Movement and Coordination (25/05/21)
Note: There are few disruptions in this video due to zoom problems. 

Dumbbell Cardio – A fast paced workout (24/05/21)

Strong and Fit (24/05/21)

Strong and Balanced (25/05/21)

Core Control and Flexibility (20/05/21) – Thoracic rotation: stretching the chest, shoulders and upper back. 

Movement and Coordination (18/05/21)

*NEW CLASS* Dumbbell Cardio (17/05/21)

Strong and Fit (17/05/21)

Strong and Balanced (14/05/21) – Small and simple movements, isolation exercises

Movement and Coordination (11/05/21) – Power, agility & balance

Strong and Fit (10/05/21)

Strong and Balanced (07/05/21) – slow and controlled movement 

Core Control and Stretch (06/05/21) – Hip stretch and strengthening 

Movement and Coordination *NEW CLASS* (04/05/21)

Strong and Fit (04/05/21)


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