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Make Every Step Count Exercise Challenge🦶

28th April 2022


This May, I am introducing the ‘Make Every Step Count’ Exercise Challenge. This is a challenge to encourage you to track your step count and aim to increase the number of steps throughout the month. I have attached a template below for you to download and record your steps. Steps are easy to monitor using a smart phone, watch or step counter.


Our exercise goal: track and increase your step count.


Download your May Step Counter Template here.


Research suggests that increasing your step count can reduce your risk of diseases including high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also help in managing disease and treatment related side effects including fatigue and weight gain.


Here are a few tips to help you increase your step count:

  1. Build in a daily walk.
  2. Take mini walks. Divide your day into three parts (morning, afternoon, and evening). Try to commit to taking a 5–10-minute walk at each of those times.
  3. Go the extra mile. Make the conscious decision to choose to walk a bit further when you have the option. E.g., park further away from the shops that you normally would.
  4. Choose the stairs rather than the lift.


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